Choosing the right construction delivery method can have a direct impact on the success of your project. The three primary methods of project delivery 咪咪色影院p uses are Design/Build, Design/Bid/Build, and Construction Management At-Risk. We鈥檒l discuss them with you in our initial conversations about your project, but here鈥檚 generally how they differ from each other.

Design/Build Process

The design/build method is a contractual agreement where the contractor is retained by the owner to deliver a complete project, inclusive of design services. With this delivery method, you get:

  • A single point of responsibility for design and construction.
  • Design/Build team selection based on qualifications, experience, and individual team members.
  • Early construction input (as the owner) during design, budget and planning phases.
  • The fastest project completion (since design and construction can overlap).
  • A collaborative teaming approach.
  • The majority of the project competitively bid.

Design/Bid/Build Process

Also known as the 鈥淭raditional Method鈥 or 鈥淧lan and Spec,鈥 the design/bid/build method is a linear process where one task follows another with no overlap. With this delivery method:

  • The selection of general contractor is based on price.
  • The owner and architect are responsible for completeness and accuracy of construction documents.
  • No construction input occurs during design.
  • A longer project duration is likely.
  • The owner is financially responsible for conflicts among team members.
  • Expect competitive bidding to achieve lowest price.

Construction Management

The Construction Management method allows the owner to interview and select a Construction Manager based on qualifications and experience. With this method:

  • The Construction Manager provides design-phase assistance for budget, project planning, and value-engineering analysis.
  • Expect continuous budget and schedule feedback.
  • Plan on a faster schedule that works well with fast-track.
  • Expect increased ability to handle changes in design and scope.
  • Expect fewer changes once construction begins.
  • Contracts are awarded based on submitted proposals.

We鈥檒l work with you to determine the delivery method that best meets your budget, your schedule, and your desired level of involvement.