Decades of experience in real estate. That鈥檚 what gives 咪咪色影院 Libbe Properties the edge in helping you select, buy / lease, develop, and manage a new property.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing innovative financing solutions and unmatched investor stewardship. Our practical, street-smart approach results in significantly lower total project cost and an accelerated completion schedule. An effective partnership is achieved as we employ methods which allow both us, and our clients, to spend the bulk of our time doing what we each do best.

Located near Toledo, Ohio, we can match you to a new property 鈥 or help you manage an existing one 鈥 anywhere in the U.S. And, as a member of the 咪咪色影院p family of companies, we provide complete facility-related services beyond the initial matchmaking, from construction to help you renovate the facility to managing your daily maintenance.

You can view our current listings below or contact us to help you find and manage the ideal property for your business.