May 06, 2022

Spring and summer weather patterns can be unpredictable, but your HVAC system shouldn’t be.

As temperatures begin to rise during the coming months, facilities will likely alternate between heating and cooling systems to accommodate fluctuations in day-to-day temperatures. One unseasonably warm spring day, plus a cooling system that isn’t kicking on, makes for unscheduled downtime and potentially expensive repairs. Make sure that your cooling system is ready to go, before you need it.

GEM Service has now serviced our HVAC equipment for the past nine years. In that time, I don鈥檛 recall ever having an issue. The service staff just takes care of business. It was a great decision to have them take care of our HVAC equipment!

鈥擩im Hinkle, Director, Retail Operations, The Andersons

Now is a great time to prepare for warmer weather. GEM Service’s HVAC experts will complete a of your equipment to determine system-readiness, and perform any needed maintenance right away.

The HVAC technicians will look for several critical factors to determine if your cooling system is running at its peak performance and energy efficiency, including:

  • Adjustment of control system set-points to account for warmer weather patterns and longer daylight hours, which affect the amount of heat in the building.
  • Refrigerant levels check
  • Coil cleaning
  • Damper optimization

Comprehensive Preventive MaintenanceThe Importance of a Properly Functioning Damper

Proper operation of the damper allows you to maximize cost savings, through use of your damper’s “economizer.” During the cool mornings and evenings of spring months, outdoor air is often cooler than your facility’s set-point. This is when the economizer automatically pulls in crisp, outside air and exchanges it for warmer air from within the facility. Ensuring proper damper operation, including the economizer, is imperative to the overall efficiency of your cooling system.

For customers with a GEM Service Preventive Maintenance (PM) agreement, system assessments are included as a part of your regular service agreement. Alternately, for long-term cost savings, a Comprehensive PM agreement will cover all repairs, which means you’re on-budget and won’t be dealing with surprise maintenance and outages.

Both PM and Comprehensive PM customers have 24/7/365 access to technicians, including our promise to you that we will be on-site within three hours of your call, should you have an issue.

Don’t forget to put HVAC maintenance on your spring-cleaning checklist, so you and your facility’s occupants stay cool in the months ahead.

to schedule your facility’s HVAC equipment assessment and maintenance.

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