July 24, 2023

Meeting the Highest HVAC Technician Standards

Make sure your HVAC contractor聽meets these requirements before choosing a resource

When you request an HVAC technician to work on your heating and cooling equipment, you’re relying on the credibility of that company to send someone with the right skills.

Do you know what qualifications that technician has met to successfully maintain your systems and ensure your equipment operates at peak performance?

Below are the 9 critical qualifications an HVAC technician must have. If the contractor you’re considering can’t provide technicians with this level of expertise, you may not be talking with the right resource:

HVAC Technician Qualifications

  1. Service technicians should hold an Unlimited/Universal EPA Refrigerant Handling License. Your contractor should be able to provide copies of certifications for all technicians assigned to your facility.
  2. The contractor should have a written safety plan, and documentation on their Experience Modification Rating (EMR) for the past three consecutive years if requested. A dedicated safety director is preferable.
  3. Contractor provides vehicles, tools, ladders, hoses, refrigerant handling equipment and all other applicable supplies or equipment needed to properly maintain HVAC systems.
  4. The contractor should provide a dispatch office with a live operator available by phone 24/7, and should offer emergency service within a short window of time.
  5. All personnel should participate in ongoing training to maintain and improve skills.
  6. Technicians should use the latest industry software for efficiency and effectiveness.
  7. Technicians should not be paid on commission, which tends to promote unnecessary repairs or equipment recommendations.
  8. All contractor personnel on site must have a clean background check with no felony convictions, plus a random and annual drug screening program. Your contractor should be able to provide written certification for all technicians annually.
  9. All contractor vehicles must be clearly identified as the HVAC company’s service vehicles and technicians must wear company uniforms.

When you’re ready to contact a qualified HVAC contractor, make sure the company meets these standards. The GEM Service HVAC team meets and exceeds these requirements, and maintains the highest standard for technician expertise and experience.

Does your equipment need attention? Do you have a reliable resource to provide expert maintenance to extend the life of your equipment and lower your operating costs?

Contact the GEM Service HVAC team to request an assessment, by emailing hvac@gogemservice.com聽or calling 866.720.2700.聽An experienced service technician will evaluate your system’s current performance and provide an estimate on your energy savings, not only from service and cleaning, but from equipment adjustments to maximize your system’s efficiency for the best possible savings.

To discuss your HVAC service needs with a reliable expert,
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or call 866.720.2700 for immediate assistance.

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