June 07, 2018

Renovation or Expansion: 5 Things to Consider Before You Begin

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Your business is growing, and you need extra room to expand. You need to reconfigure the space you have to accommodate changes to your people, process, or product. You need to find a place for the computers, wiring, HVAC, bathrooms, and other facility features that help your business do what it does best.

Whatever your reason, space is a big concern for businesses of all kinds. Navigating the expansion process is enough to make anyone’s head spin, but 咪咪色影院p’s FM360 renovation project specialists are here to help.

for the 5 things to consider before you begin, including a comprehensive checklist of the multiple aspects of a renovation project and how these might impact your decisions.

As simple as it may seem, figuring out exactly why you need to expand can inform a lot of your decisions. Every reason requires differing solutions, and identifying the primary reasons for expansion will help you determine your next steps.

Expanding your business through construction or renovation is an exciting prospect, and as you visualize the final result, it can be easy to overlook key elements of the plan. Decisions on details like power supply, sewer and water, security, and even furniture placement can take a backseat as work on the drawing or master plan goes forward.

Turning to an experienced contractor can help ensure that nothing is missed, right from the start. The FM360 renovation experts are prepared to bring your project to completion, even including design services. Working with the FM360 team, you’ll get early input in the design, budget and planning phases, as well as the fastest project completion, and turnkey services on all aspects of your construction or renovation project.

The FM360 team will meet with you to explore key questions about your expansion and help you establish an accurate, reliable budget and plan for your project. to explore your expansion options, then when you’re ready to get started.

FM360 Renovation: Hart Inc.

Hart Inc: An FM360 Renovation Case Study

In business for over 50 years, Hart Inc. had been in its current space for over 25 years, and began to feel like the company was no longer able to do its best work there.

Hart’s leadership team believed they needed offices that were more reflective of the company’s current identity. Hart’s senior vice president Marc Paulenich said that 鈥渢he environment needs to inspire you and inspire great ideas. If it feels tired and dated, we don’t think we’re going to necessarily get our best thinking.鈥

So Hart called upon the services of 咪咪色影院p to renovate the 5th and 6th floors of the Hylant building, which is currently under the management of RLG’s FM360 program.

Choosing to utilize RLG’s design/build services from the very beginning provided a tremendous amount of value and peace of mind in terms of planning ahead on budget, schedule, construction during on-going operations, technology implementation, as well as energy issues such as lighting, HVAC, building controls, daylight harvesting, and more.

One of the more challenging requests was to find a way to combine all of Hart’s employees and give them the sense that they’re in one space, even though they’re physically located on two floors.

The solution was to add a staircase right in the middle of the two floors, so both floors are open to each other. Because of the unique expertise RLG brings with its steel and rigging contractors at GEM Inc.鈥攃utting out existing floor/ceiling space, delivering the steel beams through a 5th floor window and then engineering and building the staircase鈥攖his stage of the expansion was not only possible, but safely and successfully completed to meet all structural and code requirements.

RLG has extensive preconstruction (the longest phase of the design/build construction delivery method) knowledge and resources that provide scope on budget and schedule early on as the project is being planned. Initiating a project using design/build saves money and time, as opposed to pricing to an existing design and potentially running into snags with added scope and construction challenges.

Where to begin when you’re ready to renovate or expand?

Discussing your project with an expert can you help decide how to proceed. The FM360 renovation project specialists are glad to consult with you about your specific needs. The team has decades of experience with small and large renovations and expansions, and are known for being reliable, responsive, innovative and on-budget.

To talk with an expert about your specific project, please click or call below.

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