May 02, 2019

Ten Questions Your Site Selection Consultant Should be Asking You

One of the most critical decisions you’ll make at the beginning of your site expansion or relocation process is choosing your site selection consultant.

, which outlines the critical questions any qualified and experienced consultant should review with you, making sure every detail is identified and the rationale for each question is explained.

Not only are there numerous factors to consider within the process, but many of the variables are interconnected and ultimately, will influence your outcome. It is critical to engage a site selection consultant who has experience with all the various interrelated aspects of your potential expansion or relocation project.

As you begin to look for the most appropriate site selection consultant for you, use as a gauge to assess whether the site selection candidate you are considering will be able to be of maximum benefit to you.

The SiteLine suite of integrated expansion services from 咪咪色影院p incorporates these questions into a seamless expansion process, and whether you’re brand new or very experienced with expansions or relocations, SiteLine makes the process effortless for you.

To learn how the SiteLine process works, .

The SiteLine process has already worked for a variety of companies. Read the Allermuir Case Study for an inside view of how the SiteLine process brought Allermuir’s new North American headquarters to successful completion.

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