July 31, 2020

Should You Consider Smart Building Controls?

Smart Building Controls use remote diagnostics and artificial intelligence, giving off-site technicians the ability to monitor and resolve many of the alarms or indicators in a building that would typically result in a service call.

Watch as Nick Baer, RLG Service Group鈥檚 General Manager, outlines how Smart Building Controls work, how they contribute to a healthy building environment, and how they could benefit your facility. (1-minute video)

This video includes:

  • How Smart Building Controls work
  • An explanation of how they contribute to a healthy building environment
  • The benefits to equipment, maintenance and building occupants

Utilizing web-based controls allows the building owner/manager to use existing IT/OT network structure to share data between all connected components on the system. This connectivity among HVAC, lighting and access controls helps deliver energy savings and lower building operation cost. It allows for better comfort levels in the facility and enhanced control of building systems.

The first step toward an efficient and sustainable building is to make sure your facility is connected to a building automation system. This provides data to drive the decisions around multiple factors that affect your building and its occupants.

To discuss how Smart Building Controls can benefit your facility,
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