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Building automation controls are the nerve center of any facility. In many way they direct the comfort, security, and productivity for visitors, employees, or customers. That means your ability to monitor and control the聽mechanical,听electrical, and lighting systems of your facility is critical to your day-to-day business operations 鈥 regardless of your industry. 聽

Whether you need need new building controls聽designed and installed, or have an existing system聽that requires a repair, update, or replacement, GEM Energy has your controls system solution to maximize performance of heating and cooling systems, resulting in cost savings plus greater comfort and convenience.


With the many technological advancements in building automation controls, GEM Energy uses Distech Controls which were developed with the end-user in mind.

Utilizing web-based controls allows the building owner/manager to use existing IT/OT network structure to share data between all connected components on the system. This connectivity among HVAC, lighting and access controls helps to deliver energy savings and lower building operation cost. 聽It allows for better comfort levels in the facility and enhanced control of building systems.聽聽

Ask us how we can put control of your building heating and cooling systems into your hands.