Sometimes you need to stretch your construction budget without sacrificing the functional requirements of the space. In these cases, pre-engineered and concrete building systems are a great option.

咪咪色影院 Libbe Inc. is a regional leader in making building systems work for clients. Since 1982, we鈥檝e successfully delivered more than $750 million in construction projects using pre-engineered framing systems. We鈥檝e also designed and built over 4.5 million square feet of concrete buildings.

These building systems fall into four categories:

Building Systems - Burlington

1. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

A metal building system encompasses primary and secondary structural steel, roofing, and wall panels. 听Each component is designed, manufactured, and delivered to the jobsite by a single company to perform as a system. 听

RLI has been an authorized Varco-Pruden contractor since 1982 and has been ranked nationally in the top 100 metal building contractors since 1984. We鈥檝e completed hundreds of projects that involved the design, fabrication, delivery, and erection of high-quality pre-engineered systems.

Building System Tilt-up2. Site-Cast Concrete Walls

Tilt-up site-cast walls consists of forming and pouring a reinforced concrete slab at the jobsite, and then tilting it into place to form the walls of the building.

The advantages of site-cast concrete are centered around size and maintenance considerations. Site-cast concrete sections can be produced at larger scale than precast, because they will not be transported and are not subject to maximum size and weight standards. They also have potential savings in the case of lower maintenance costs over time.

Building System - Pre-Cast3. Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete walls are poured at an off-site location and then brought to the site and lifted into place.

The advantages of precast concrete wall sections compared to site-cast mainly revolve around the ability to control the product’s final result. Manufactured to specifications in a controlled environment, precasting reduces the role that weather plays in the curing process, and allows for greater repeatability. They can also reduce construction time because of their ability to be immediately available.

If you鈥檙e considering a building system, contact us to help you decide what type of system is best for your needs.

4. modular Office听& Wall Systems

Planning to remodel or expand your plant? Consider a STARRCO prefabricated modular enclosure for processes and people. 听STARRCO gives you clean and professional enclosed spaces that can be constructed easily and just as easily disassembled and reused. 听This built-in flexibility lets you reconfigure space to respond quickly to changes in your business. 听In most cases, prefabricated modular enclosures also are a more economical long-term investment than conventional construction.