infrared scanning_fuses

Infrared scanning inspection, sometimes referred to as thermography, is non-destructive, non-disruptive, and cost-effective technology. It鈥檚 used in all industries to detect and document system and structural conditions. At GEM Inc., this scanning is performed by certified thermographers who are also licensed electricians.

Infrared testing is valuable for assessing:

  • Energized electrical components
  • Mechanical systems
  • Building envelopes
  • Data centers
  • Low sloping roofs
  • Rooftop solar installations

All infrared inspections include electrical safety and ultrasonic inspections. If a safety hazard is detected, we discuss it with the customer before leaving the jobsite.

After each preventive maintenance visit, customers receive detailed inspection results and any recommendations for safety, efficiency, lower utility costs, and reduced downtime.

An annual infrared inspection from GEM inc. helps keep employees safe and productive, and operations running smoothly and efficiently. Customers may also qualify for reduced insurance premiums.