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GEM Inc. of the 咪咪色影院p provides mechanical insulation products and services for both hot and cold systems, including commercial and industrial piping, ductwork, and mechanical equipment. Mechanical insulation regulates surface temperature, prevents loss of energy, controls condensation, and protects the safety and health of building occupants. Additional benefits include noise reduction and fire safety.

The In-House Advantage

Optimizing the energy use of your facility is a critical purpose for insulating systems. Properly insulated facilities save energy and costs. From start to finish, GEM’s in-house mechanical insulation estimating and project management team, combined with its in-house fabrication shop and team of skilled installers, handles commercial and industrial new construction and retrofits projects as well as ongoing building maintenance.

As a single source contractor, GEM eliminates the need to outsource any part of the project. With access to three in-house fabrication shops throughout Ohio, the majority of work can be performed in our own shops in a controlled environment. Our mechanical insulation group uses the shops daily to complete projects ranging from fabrication of insulation jacketing, custom formed blankets and insulated boxes to fabricated vessel and tank body and head jacketing. In addition, the GEM mechanical insulation team self-performs all installation aspects as well.


  • servicing commercial and industrial hot and cold mechanical systems
  • installing insulation for piping, valves,聽boilers,听辫濒耻尘产颈苍驳, HVAC equipment and ductwork systems
  • creation of multiple types of insulation and jacketing materials
  • focus on safety and acoustic benefits of mechanical insulation
  • proficient in retrofits and ongoing building maintenance

Mechanical insulation adds聽energy savings too

GEM has a mechanical insulation solution for every type of project. In addition to all of the safety and acoustic benefits of mechanical insulation,聽energy cost savings and return on investment can begin quickly when combined with other thermal conservation methods.