Long before you break ground, 咪咪色影院 Libbe Inc.鈥檚 preconstruction team will handle all of the necessary legwork to ensure that your project is scoped to meet your requirements for cost, schedule, quality and more. Our team has knowledge of the local, regional and federal regulations, and also has the experience to ask all the right questions. Our experienced construction professionals provide owners with services that ensure successful project delivery, including:

Site consulting

  • We鈥檒l help you evaluate your property on issues like utilities, access to transportation, constructability, soil evaluations, permit consultation and environmental regulations.

Design coordination

  • Getting the owner, designer and construction team around the table early is a focus for our team. Collaboration early in the process allows the highest level of value engineering. Value engineering is a systematic effort we use to improve cost-effectiveness of the project while delivering the needs of the client.

Budget/cost analysis

  • A lot of work comes between an initial budget estimate and a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Our team of seasoned preconstruction professionals will work to define and evaluate the project from schedule to materials while balancing life cycle cost impact.


  • One of the most critical pieces of the planning process is defining the project schedule. The RLI team will work through a Critical Path Method (CPM) to graphically schedule the entire project plan through a schematic diagram. This allows the project manager to reach the most efficient method, saving time and money.

Bidding/bid packages

  • 咪咪色影院 Libbe has extensive experience finding the area’s best subcontractors and suppliers. We can check bids against our database of historical labor and materials cost data to ensure that our clients receive the best prices available. Due to our large annual volume of work, our buying power helps us to purchase materials and equipment directly, which further reduces overall project costs.